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AOK Rankings 2022

State Championship Qualifications (with combined points)



Tournament seeding is handled as follows:

1. Points are added for each region separately, based on age/skill division where the competitor had earned the most points.

  • A competitor who competed in multiple equivalent divisions, (e.g., because they changed age or skill level categories) will have their points across those divisions added (before doing the regional assessment).
  • Such a competitor is seeded in the division where they have earned the most points. Thus it is possible for a competitor to compete in different age or skill classes at the State Championships.

2. A competitor's highest regional placement (e.g., 1st to 5th) is determined.

3. A competitor can place in multiple regions, thereby blocking other competitors.

4. Points are displayed as #division placing points# (#cumulative AOK points#)

5. Competitors are ranked by placement group (e.g., 1st to 5th), then by cumulative AOK points earned for the division set. 

6. All point challenges or point mergers must be requested by November 15th in order to be processed.


1. Everyone registers according to their CURRENT profile. DO NOT create a separate profile to position yourself as it will not have your points associated with it.

2. We are just now cutting off point-merge requests.

3. We then have to administratively adjust competitors into their qualified divisions.