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  1. All matches will be conducted in a ring no smaller than 18 X 18 square feet and no larger than 24 X 24 feet.
  2. The dimensions of the ring may be increased for finals but not decreased. (A larger area may be used for Kata competition).
  3. This area will be outlined by tape at least two inches wide and clearly discernible from the floor.
  4. Two starting lines, each three feet in length, will be centered in the middle of the ring six to twelve feet apart. Both competitors must start with both feet behind the starting line before match begins.
  5. A visible sign with the ring number and sparring scorecards shall be utilized at each ring.
  6. All spectators, including Black Belt instructors, shall remain outside the designated area of competition during competition.
  7. The Head Official shall be responsible for clearing the area around the ring and controlling spectators, parents, instructors, side judges, timekeepers, and scorekeepers.