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  1. Upon majority vote of the officials, a competitor shall be immediately ejected from competition for:
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct by the competitor, his parent, or instructor.
  3. Disrespect displayed towards officials.
  4. Being judged by his/her own instructor in sparring competition.
  5. Pre-arranging the outcome of an event or engaging in non-competitive sparring (both competitors shall be ejected). The only acceptable grounds for bowing out of competition is a confirmed injury sustained by either competitor. A competitor cannot bow out at a tournament and receive points unless they are the only person in the division or if declared unable to continue by the medical personnel.
  6. Malicious head, face, or body contact
  7. If a competitor is ineligible for ejection (i.e. has already lost a match, etc.) and displays unsportsmanlike conduce, he/she may be subject to a six-(6) tournament suspension.
  8. A competitor who is ejected from competition shall loose all AOK competition points and any other awards for that division at that tournament and any other tournament to which suspension applies.
  9. Any individual who threatens an official shall be expelled from the premises for the duration of the tournament.
  10. A physical attack on an official shall incur one (1) year suspension from the AOK events.

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