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Michael Dietrich

World Director 

Dr Robert Boyer

CEO EventsReg


Amber Brown

Public Relations 





All competitors must be at their assigned ring before competition begins. Once eliminations begin in a particular kata or sparring division, that division is closed to all late entries. A competitor shall be disqualified when he/she has failed to appear at the ring within one (1) minute after the third call of his/her name. No points can be awarded to anyone that fails to appear as indicated above.

Students from the same club should not be required to fight each other until the final match. It shall be the responsibility of the competitors or instructor to inform the head judge referee in advance that they are from the same club.

A competitor must compete in the appropriate age, rank, and weight division unless written permission to change division s is obtained from the AOK Executive Committee prior to the first tournament of the year and presented upon registration.

A competitor who moves up in any division with proper authorization must advance in both kata and sparring divisions and may not return to a lower division.

A competitor must compete at the highest level of rank held in any martial arts system (which involves striking or kicking) if that rank is different than that currently held.

A competitor may compete in a beginning division for only one 12-month period in the AOK. Rule is waived for the 5 and under division to allow them to compete for a longer period of time as a beginner due to their age.

A competitor may enter only one division of sparring per tournament.

Junior competitors (17 years and under) may not compete with adults under any circumstances.

Executive competitors (35 and older for men, and 32 and older for women) may compete as Adults or Executives, but not as both in the same tournament.

Executive/Sr. Executive competitors shall receive points in the division in which they place at each Tournament ( Executive or Adult), but may not transfer points from one division to another at the end of the year, unless a change in age that year makes them eligible for the Executive/Sr. Executive division.

A competitor will compete at the State Tournament in the division/divisions where they have obtained the most points.

Any area of competition for which no AOK rules exist (i.e. grappling, breaking) may be designated as a demonstration division using rules clearly stated and provided in written form to competitors. Such divisions will not have winners reported to the AOK tabulator. All such divisions must follow standards of safety, eligibility, required of AOK divisions. Competitors may be disqualified or subject to other penalties as stated for AOK divisions.

All competitors, 17 & under must submit a copy of their birth certificate, upon request, to the tabulator for proper tabulation purposes.

Rules meetings for officials and competitors shall be held before AOK competition begins, with the following exception: Forms division in which music may be utilized (Black Belt Spec., Jr. Spec., Adult Amateur Spec., Teams) may be held prior to the rules meetings to avoid disturbing other rings if the early starting time for those divisions is state clearly in the tournament flier.

A weigh-in shall be required for all Adult Black Belt Sparring Competitors on the day of competition. A weigh-in may be required for any other competitor for whom a reasonable question of weight division exists. Scales will be provided by the Executive Board to be purchased by the AOK. All AOK points shall be credited to the weight division in which the most points have been earned at the end of the year for State Finals.

A judge or referee that is texting or talking on a cell phone while he/she is judging will be removed from the ring as soon as possible.

A Scorekeeper or timekeeper that is texting or talking on a cell phone while he/she is working in a ring will immediately be removed from the ring.