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  1. The head official and each side judge have one vote. A majority of votes is required to confirm any decision (two of three officials or three of five) with exception of disqualifications for injuries as stated below.
    1. Optional: Under belt Jr. divisions can be ran with only 2 judges for sparring.
  2. The head official shall stop the action in a match to call for points or fouls either upon: (1) the head judge seeing a point or foul. (2) A signal from any of the side judges that they have seen a point or a foul. All officials shall score simultaneously upon a signal from the head official.
  3. The head official shall stop time for multiple calls, conferences, injuries, or equipment adjustments.
  4. Matches shall be two minutes in length and shall officially end when the timekeeper informs the head official that time has expired.
  5. Coaching is allowed in all sparring divisions.
    • Time Keeper will call a time out at the one-minute mark per match.
    • During the time-out each fighter will have 10 seconds to talk with their coaches.
  6. The competitor with the most points when time has run out will be declared the winner.
    1. A competitor who gains a five-point advantage over his/her opponent (5-0, 6-1, 7-2, etc.) before time has expired shall be declared the winner.
    2. Matches ending in a tie will be decided by” Sudden Victory” overtime. The first competitor to score a confirmed point shall be declared the winner.
  7. A competitor who scores a confirmed technique shall receive one point for a hand technique and two points for a kicking technique. (A competitor who scores more than one technique in an exchange shall receive only the point total confirmed by the majority of officials.)
  8. Points will be awarded for a visible technique delivered to an unprotected target area with enough speed, power, focus, balance, and good form to have inflicted serious damage to the receiver had it not been pulled short of hard contact and full penetration.
    1. Light contact to the side, back, and top of the head will score. Light to medium body contact will be required to score points in all divisions.
    2. In all divisions below Brown Belt, techniques to the face and throat must be stopped within one (1) inch of all actual contact.
    3. Light contact may be made to the face in all Adult and Junior Brown and Black Belt divisions.
  9. Authorized scoring techniques shall include:
    1. Punch
    2. Back fist
    3. Knife-hand
    4. Ridge-hand
    5. Hammer fist
    6. Front kick
    7. Back kick
    8. Side kick
    9. Wheel or round kick
    10. Heel, hook, spin, turn or jump kicks..
  10. Authorized target areas shall include:
    1. Face (catcher’s mask area - an oval from the front of the ears forward, including the throat.
    2. Head
    3. Side of the neck
    4. Ribs
    5. Kidneys
    6. Abdomen
    7. Chest
  11. When a competitor has committed any three (3) confirmed fouls, the competitor’s opponent shall receive one (1) point and shall receive one (1) additional point for every foul thereafter. Fouls shall include:
    1. Unauthorized strikes, head butts, finger-jabs, ripping or gouging techniques to the face, strikes with the elbow or knee.
    2. Attempted attacks to the joints or spinal area.
    3. Blind or uncontrolled techniques.
    4. Continuing to fight after “Break” has been called.
    5. Kicking techniques to the legs. Sweeps may be used only if done with a straight legged, unsnapped motion and must be done to upset the opponent’s balance only.
    6. Takedowns can be used in Brown and Black Belt adult divisions only and only on a raised (yielding) boxing style ring. Attacks on a downed opponent must be executed within three (3) seconds of the take down.
    7. Attacking a downed opponent with exception of the conditions mentioned above.
    8. Drop kicks and attacks from the ground. (Drop kicks may be used only under the same conditions for takedowns).
    9. Stepping out of bounds during a match in progress. A competitor is out of bounds when a foot either touches or crosses the boundary line while fighting, retreating or being knocked
    10. back by a legal technique that does not score. (Pushing an opponent out is a foul.) A competitor may not score or be scored upon while out of bounds; however, other confirmed fouls or face contact penalties committed while out of bounds shall be assessed.
    11. Strikes to the groin.
  12. A competitor who commits a foul before, during, or after scoring a point shall receive a foul rather than a point.
  13. Light face contact only will be allowed in Adult and Junior Brown and Black Belt divisions. If a competitor in any other Adult or Junior division makes a confirmed face contact whatsoever, the competitor’s opponent shall receive a point. (The face shall include the catcher’s mask area and the throat). Contact to the headgear covering that area shall also be considered face contact.
  14. A competitor who commits three (3) confirmed face contact violations in the same match should be disqualified. (Face contact penalties shall not be included as fouls.)
  15. If face contact causes any swelling, discoloration, or bleeding, in any division, the offender shall be disqualified. At least one official must confirm the strike that caused the injury. (Two officials must confirm if five officials are used).
  16. If illegal face contact by both competitors is confirmed in the exchange, each competitor shall receive one (1) point assessed as face contact penalty. If said contact is the third committed by either or both competitor(s), then that competitor(s) shall be disqualified. (If both are disqualified in the final round, both shall receive second place AOK points.)
  17. A face contact penalty shall nullify any point scored in the same exchange by the competitor who makes the face contact (but shall not nullify a foul by that competitor.)
  18. A competitor who is struck with an illegal face contact immediately during or after the execution of a legitimate scoring technique shall receive both the contact point and the point(s) for the scoring technique, if both are confirmed.
  19. A knockout or other injury requiring the opponent to bow out to seek immediate medical attention shall result in the offender being disqualified. If medical personnel and/or the tournament producer feel that further competition would aggravate the injury, the injured competitor will not be allowed to compete for the rest of the day.
  20. If a competitor is disqualified from competition due to malicious contact or unsportsmanlike conduct, they shall not receive any points for placing in that division.
  21. Grand Championships may be awarded based on sparring runoffs between weight division’s champions, or based on which division champion scored the most points in the final two rounds of the division. (In which case the 5-point spread limitations will be eliminated from the scoring procedure in those matches.)
    1. During Black Belt finals if a competitor is unable to compete and forfeits the match, his/her opponent will be credited a 5-0 win.
    2. In the event of the point method being used to determine the Grand Champion if there is a tie, one (1) two-minute match will be used to determine the Grand Champion

Team Competition