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  1. AOK by-laws require a tournament to provide:
    1. An adequate tournament facility large enough to handle at least eight (8) rings.
    2. Adequate spectator seating if producer is charging a spectator’s fee.
    3. A minimum of eight (8) rings with adequate equipment for each ring (clipboards, forms, pencils, stopwatches, visible marking of ring numbers, forms and sparring
    4. scorecards.
    5. Pre-trained personnel including timekeepers, scorekeepers, and at least four registration personnel.
    6. Adequate security measures to keep spectators, food, and drink out of competition area.
    7. 1 Professional medical personnel.
    8. Adequate copies of AOK rules for competitors provided at producer’s expense.
    9. A starting time within 30 minutes of that advertised.
    10. Presentation of all awards advertised.
  2. If Producers wish to divide forms into Traditional, Kung Fu, Kenpo/Kajukempo, Karate/Tae Kwon Do, etc., the competitor can use points toward ratings in appropriate forms divisions in regional ratings. Competitor cannot combine traditional and open forms points in the same tournament
  3. Minimum divisions for AOK ranking - see AOK DIVISIONS. (Producers may add to but may not subtract from these minimum requirements.

  4. The following AOK tabulation points shall be awarded to the first (1st); second (2nd); and two third (3rd) place winners in each division: 

    “C” rated: 1st Place = 4 points / 2nd Place = 3 points / 3rd Place = 2 points

    “B” rated: 1st Place = 8 points / 2nd Place = 6 points / 3rd Place = 4 points

    “A” rated: 1st Place = 12 points / 2nd Place = 9 points / 3rd Place = 6 points